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''' Quoi de neuf ? '''
''' Quoi de neuf ? '''
Les nouvelles de l'alternance ainsi que les '''OFFRES DE PLACES''' DUT R&T et LPRO CART de nos partenaires sont publiées à la page [[Actualités de l'alternance]]
Les nouvelles de l'alternance ainsi que les '''OFFRES DE PLACES DUT R&T et LPRO CART ''' de nos partenaires sont publiées à la page [[Actualités de l'alternance]]

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L'apprentissage c'est quoi exactement ? Comment cela fonctionne ?

Retrouvez toutes les explications sur l'apprentissage à la page Présentation de l'Alternance

Quel est le statut d'un apprenti ? Est-ce qu'il y a des aides spécifiques pour les apprentis ?

Des informations utiles concernant la vie quotidienne de l'apprenti sont disponibles à la page Informations pour les apprentis

Quoi de neuf ?

Les nouvelles de l'alternance ainsi que les OFFRES DE PLACES DUT R&T et LPRO CART de nos partenaires sont publiées à la page Actualités de l'alternance

Envie de nous rejoindre ?

C'est décidé je me lance, tous les détails à la page Inscription en apprentissage

Extranet apprentis

Adresse du Portail de gestion des apprentis: NetYpareo

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Plaquette de présentation du DUT Réseaux et Télécommunications en alternance: DUT R&T

Plaquette de présentation de la Licence Professionnelle CART en alternance: LP R&T CART‎


DUT 1ère année: Calendrier 1ère année 2012-2013

DUT 2éme année: Calendrier 2ème année 2012-2013

Licence pro : Calendrier LP CART 2012-2013


What do you do in your company? 2011-2012 Year 2 students Testimonies

Hello, my name is Johannes and I'm an IT technician for my company : Teleperformance. I work in the IT Team department. My IT environment consists of four hundred computers and four hundred IP phones. My main responsability is to manage incidents so that the production is always operational. Now, I have joined the team of Service Desk for the centres of Toulouse and Labège. These two sites will merge into a unique and big site. The skills needed to do this job is a relational capacity with the account managers/Customer Service Representative, and a good work method by respecting the procedures and by being capable of recreating them. The need to manage high technologies is also a success factor in this job. (Johannes R.)

I work in Orange in the structuring network. My responsabilities are : maintaining the stability of the phone network and connecting clients to it. (Thomas B.)

I'm an IT (information technology) technician in Néolia, I work in the Network & IT unit. I've got a computer to manage the servers and permit the collaborators to connect to the servers. The skills required are to:

. be independent . have good people skills . be patient with collaborators . have knowledge in networks (Julien G.)

I work in France Telecom, and my job consists in installing and repairing the regional network. (...) To work in this unit you need to keep your calm for example in the case of when a city is totally isolated from the network. (Manuel D.)

I work for Orange in an client intervention unit as a general public technician. I know the equipments, the technology and I have experience with the work. I've got good people skills, which is necessary with the clients. (Yannis B.)

I work for PSA. I'am in the TII unit and I take care of networks, for example, installation, repair, and maintenance... The equipement I have is a computer, a switch, and an optical link. For this job, the skills needed are autonomy, rigour, discipline and being calm. My team is composed of 30 people. In PSA the network is very important because it's necessary for the smooth running of production. (Benjamin T.)

My current job is to be an intervention technican for the general public for the France Télécom company in the Lyon intervention unit. I go to clients when they have problems with their phones or the Internet, or maybe when their Internet connection switches off very often. For this I use a car, a computer, a box for after-sale service, and different equipements for repairing the network. I use a "nacelle" when we must climb poles to repair the outside line. To do this job I must be organised, serious, methodical and know how to work with a group. (Clément G.)