A-C2 Anglais technique et projet personnel

De Réseaux & Télécommunications.

Intitulé: Anglais technique et projet personnel

Enseignante: Stéphanie EVRARD

Volume Horaire: 30h de TP (en formation classique)

Examen: contrôle continu

We try to tackle all 5 language competences as defined by the European Union [1]: speaking (dialogues or monologues), listening, reading and writing.

(plus d'infos aux pages 30, 31, 32, 61 et 62 du Programme Pédagogique National de R&T)

In the fourth semester the emphasis is still put on understanding and producing technical documents.

Examples of skills we work on:

  • Presenting and describing something
  • Summarizing a message (text or other), organizing and reporting your ideas

Examples of the kinds of documents we might use:

  • Videos
  • Audio files (incl. songs, etc)
  • Texts : articles, technical documents, etc
  • Voice recordings of students (Audacity [2])
  • Grammar papers ([3])
  • Professional websites [4]